Apr 23, 2016

5 Freakiest Real-Life Twin Telepathy Stories


Twin telepathy stories

Don’t worry, they’re only dolls.. as far as we know.

Twin telepathy stories are some of the most perplexing yet convincing pieces of evidence that make us think that telepathy might exist outside of fiction. And often, it can get weird or downright creepy. Many of these stories are unexplainable and involve tragedies or near-tragedies. Here are 5 of the freakiest real-life stories about twin telepathy that we could find.


5. The twins’ synchronized descent into madness

Ursula and sabina twin telepathy stories

Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were raised in the countryside and had a close bond with each other. They would do many things together and were inseparable. Unfortunately, this took a dark turn when they decided to take a trip to Ireland to tour around the foreign country. Inexplicably while traveling around the country, the two twins became dangerously mesmerized with highway roads.

Ursula jumped out into speeding cars and trucks and was killed from the injuries. Sabina also jumped into moving traffic, but only received a minor injury. Police subdued her and held her down while she rabidly tried to run into the traffic again. She was released the next day after an evaluation, but it was clear she still wasn’t in the right state of mind. She murdered a stranger and then leaped off the bridge. It’s bizarre to think about what would possess both of these twins to descend into insanity at the same time, as their records showed no previous history of mental illness.


4. Twin polygraph test

Richard and damian twin telepathy stories

Twin brothers Richard and Damian Powles participated in a television show that set to find out the truth about twin telepathy. The experiment involved hooking up Damian to a polygraph that monitored his breathing rate, muscle activity, pulse, and skin response. In a separate and soundproof room, Richard kept a bucket of ice cold water. He then dipped his hand into the ice cold water and immediately recoiled in response.

Amazingly, in the other room, the polygraph showed Damian reacting with a change in pulse on the exact moment that Richard had dipped his hand in the cold water. The experiment showed the same result when Damian had a jump scare reaction to a rubber snake popping out of a box.


3. Tragically linked accidents

finnish man twin telepathy stories

In 2002, a 72-year old Finnish man was cycling down the road when he was hit by a large transportation truck and killed. As the police were investigating the accident, there were receiving reports that in the nearby area, another accident had occurred. The details of this accident were bizarrely similar; it involved a 72-year old man cycling on the road that was hit by a large transportation truck.

After much confusion and record-checking, the police found that there was no mistake in the reports; the same accident had occurred twice. It was then discovered that these two men were twins, and they had somehow found themselves in the exact same situation at around the same time.


2. Sensing a twin in danger

Gemma and leanne twin telepathy stories

15-year olds Gemma and Leanne Houghton were twin sisters who lives in England. One day in 2009, Gemma was going about her day when she suddenly was struck with a feeling that her twin sister is in danger. It was a feeling that she had never felt before; it instilled an air of urgency. Gemma had to act fact and rush the bathroom, where she also unexplicable knew where Leanne would be. When she reached the bathroom, she found Leanne lying on the floor next to the bathtub. She was unconscious and had suffered a seizure.

Gemma quickly pulled her up from the bathtub and gave her CPR. She was able to revive her and save her life. If she hadn’t arrived in time, Leanne could have faced the risk of fatal injuries or death. When asked about this, Gemma told reporters that she could feel a voice telling her that her sister needs her help. Gemma could also picture her sister turning blue and laying limp and lifeless on the bathroom floor.


1. Murderous twintentions

Jennifer and June Gibbons twin telepathy stories

Known as “The Silent Twins”, Jennifer and June Gibbons were very secretive and inseparable from birth. They would only communicate with each other and even developed their own language to communicate. As such, it was difficult to know much about the nature of their relationship, but it was apparent that they had a volatile relationship. Despite spending most of their time together, Jennifer and June also often fought each other. When the twins were separated and sent to different boarding schools, they became catatonic and wouldn’t function.

Some of their fights got heated, as one time Jennifer tried to strange June with a cord, and once June attempted to push Jennifer off the bridge. There’s no good explanation for why they shared such a close bond but also occasionally tried to murder each other. Journalist Marjorie Wallace says that they have an unspoken agreement that when one of them dies, the other one can begin to speak and live a more normal life. They began to believe that it was necessary for one twin to die. Jennifer agreed to be sacrificed, and soon after, she died of a sudden inflammation of the heart. Her death remains a mystery.



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