Apr 23, 2016

The Seven Chakra Colors And What They Mean

There are seven chakra colors, and each of them have a different meaning. The chart above displays the chakra colors and meanings. Here is a more detailed explanation of each chakra with its original name in Sanskrit:

1. Sahasrara (violet) – Located at the crown of the head, this represents the highest state of spiritual consciousness. Its location means that it is above all of the seven chakras; it represents the biggest achievement. It allows pure bliss and full connection to spirituality. Being in touch with higher consciousness also allows telepathic communication.

2. Ajna (indigo) – The second most important chakra in terms of spirituality. The opening of the third eye signifies awakening. It’s especially important for telepathy, psychic ability, and clairvoyance. The third eye chakra gives one intuition, wisdom, and the ability to think critically.

3. Vishuddha (blue) – This chakra represents speech and expression as it is located in the throat. It governs communication and expression of feelings. Focus on energy in your throat while speaking to improve your communication.

4. Anahata (green) – Located in the center of the heart, this chakra represents our ability to love. It conveys complex emotions such as tenderness, compassion, and unconditional love. When your heart chakra is healthy and balanced, it allows you to better love yourself and others.

5. Manipura (yellow) – This chakra represents our ability to be confident and have control over our lives. Located in the upper abdomen area, it has significance for exercise and meditation as well. When breathing and exercising, your energy should be focused in this area to improve your performance and confidence.

6. Svadhishthana (orange) – Located just below the belly button, this chakra represents our feeling of pleasure and sexuality. It’s a source of energy and excitement. The sacral chakra corresponds to the ovaries or testes that produce hormones. Besides sexuality, the sacral chakra also signifies creativity.

7. Muladhara (red) – The last of the seven chakras, the root chakra represents survival. It’s at the bottom because it is the polar opposite of the crown chakra. While one represents the highest state of mind, the other represents the most basic survival instincts. The root chakra typically refers to food, water, and money, which are central for survival.


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