Learn Telepathy

So how do you learn telepathy?

It’s an innate ability

It’s very possible to learn telepathy. Telepathy is said to be an ability that virtually all humans and animals have. It comes from the fact that we each have a soul beyond our physical body. When souls leave their body, they communicate through telepathy in higher realms. On earth, we don’t have a need for that because we can speak and listen. But achieving higher consciousness can let you unlock a telepathic ability. Experiencing higher consciousness is a healthy and beneficial part of life, and you can do a lot more with it. It improves your life and gives you a peace of mind.

As people, our telepathic ability has decreased a lot because of not being used. There’s also skeptics that say it’s not even real. But it can be like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you’re told it’s absolutely not real, then you won’t ever try it out to find out yourself.

Before you start

It’s a good idea to learn more about telepathy and spirituality before starting. You’ll probably find out things you didn’t know about your body and the metaphysical world. One of the main focuses of spirituality is on energies. Our body and mind are capable of manipulating energy. This can be a sad energy, a happy energy, or a fearful one. Manipulating energies help you with many problems you’re facing, because it can improve your mood and outlook on life. A common technique in telepathy is to picture it in terms of energy. You’re building energy that’s formed by the message that you wish to telepathically send. Then, you attempt to push out this energy towards someone who you want to receive the message. This is a simple explanation, but there are many more complications. It would be a good idea to read one of these essential books that delve deeper into telepathy. Being informed and interested will improve your experience to learn telepathy.

Focus on your health

To learn telepathy, it’s very important for you to be in  a relaxed and meditated state. Otherwise, it almost certainly won’t work. With all the noise and stress that surrounds us in the environment, tapping into telepathy requires being in a calm state of mind. You’ll need to block out meaningless buzz to connect your brain with your soul. Manipulating energies and developing strong connections is also greatly helped by a healthy body and mind. Performing regular exercise and eating well will keep your mind healthy. It’s also a good idea to start doing some yoga, as its the best way to meditate. Once you’re in a healthy and relaxed state, you can start practicing telepathy.

Techniques & Tips

Now we get to the main part about how to learn telepathy. It’s about visualization. When you can properly visualize anything in your head, this opens a door to send anything telepathically. Visualizing is also tied to creative energy. Here are some other techniques you’ll want to use to learn telepathy. The most important point is to practice. Just like with mastering everything else, you need to practice. This article outlines a telepathy exercise you can do with a partner. If you don’t have a practice partner available, don’t worry. You can even attempt to send a telepathic message to someone you know. This can be fun, and later you can ask them if they received anything.


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