Jan 8, 2017

How to Cast Money Spells That Work

Money spells

Ah yes…money. We all wish we had more of it. Most people out there are not completely satisfied with the amount of money they have, and are striving for more. In fact, a survey found that 75% of people say they would have a fulfilling life if they had more money, and only 24% said they’re happy with the amount of money they have. The theme of this article will be the widely sought after and popular money spells. If you’re not already familiar with them, I’ll expain what they are, and how you can cast them yourself!

Spells for money

What Are Money Spells?

Money spells are a mystery, because like most other spells, their records have been destroyed. Spells were practiced often in the ancient world, but after the world’s major religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) emerged, they disapproved of spells because they considered them evil and associated with the devil. So, they destroyed the many records and manuscripts of spells, which are lost to us now. It’s fascinating to wonder what kind of knowledge was in those spells that we don’t have access to anymore.

However, as Wicca and witchcraft have come to be more accepted in the modern world, we’ve been able to recreate and build on many of the existing spells that we know of. One of the most sought after are spells for money, which are meant to provide good luck and satisfaction to a person’s financial life. One of these is featured in our post about 3 beginner Wiccan spells.

Free Money Spell To Try At Home

You can try a money spell by yourself, right at home! This video will show you an easy one that you can try for free. In order to perform this spell, you’l need a green candle, a large white piece of paper, a coin, and some peppermint oil. These items are important as they can make or break the effect of the spell. Gathering all the right materials and having the right mindset is the go-to strategy for perfectly performing a spell.

This is a very intention-based spell. This means that getting it right is all about visualization and feeling. You need to think of a specific amount of money that you need. Then you get the right materials and perform the spell. Afterwards, you’ll need to perform meditation for about 10 minutes. Watch the video below to learn how to do it:

Get These Advanced Money Spells

There are magic spells for money that anyone can try. In this post I’m going to show you two money spell kits that you can buy and perform money spells on your own. You’re gonna need specific materials in order to perform the spells correctly, or they won’t work. For example, a green candle is a staple for most money spells, because the color green represents prosperity, luck, and money. Here are two money spell kilts that you can order now, complete with all the right materials, neatly packed and selected by magick experts.

Good Luck Spell For Money

This is a simple money spell to be performed for three consecutive days. It comes with a full kit, including herbs, candles, money oil, and more.

The spell brings cash flow and prosperity to the user, and they’re especially good for people who need some quick cash right now.

Good Luck Spell For Job

This is a spell that helps you find a good long-term, stable job with integrity, and something that you enjoy. It’s best to perform it before going to job interviews, sending resumes, or mailing job applications. The kit comes with the fully personalized materials needed for the spell, including specific candles, oil, herbs, incense, and charcoal.


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