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What are psychic abilities or psychic powers?

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What Are Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities or psychic powers are a range of skills which can be used to get information and control over the non-physical dimension of the world, ie. that which you cannot influence through your normal senses.

They are believed to work through the use of something called ‘Extrasensory Perception’ (ESP), also known more simply as the Sixth Sense.

Think about it like this:

If you wanted to get information about your environment, let’s say, to find out if it’s raining outside, you have the ability or ‘power’ to use your regular five senses – something which you would instinctively do.

You might, for example, listen carefully for the sound of rain drops hitting your window panes. Or you might choose to step outside and physically look out for falling water. Doing these things helps you figure out if it’s a good idea to take an umbrella when you go out. And this works fine when all you need is to do is use your regular five senses. 

Psychic abilities, however, are thought to be an extra addition to these normal senses, and they include a long list of different types and subtypes.

They are used as a means to perceive or manipulate what cannot regularly be sensed. Let’s call this the ‘spiritual dimension,’ since we cannot simply use our traditional senses like we can in the physical dimension.

People with psychic ability or psychic powers can use their Extrasensory Perception, or Sixth Sense, in much the same way as their regular senses, but they are able to get much more information than a non-psychic person can get out of their environment.

It’s important to note that psychic abilities can be ‘experienced’ through the known five senses, but the difference is that they are never actually perceived through these senses alone. For example, a psychic ability cannot entirely depend on any physical sounds, smells or tastes; yet their power has been known to be experienced through sensations of hearing, smelling, or tasting – such as with Clairaudience, Clairescence, and Clairgustance respectively.

List of psychic abilities

Here is a complete list of psychic abilities in alphabetical order.

We aim to include as many paranormal phenomena that have been historically recognized either anecdotally or through scientific study. Click on them to learn more about each one, or click on the ⇒ symbol for a quick summary.

If you can suggest an addition to this list, please contact us.

 Astral Projection   


 Remote viewing
 Second sight
⇒ Telepathy

Psychic Abilities Which Can Get You Information

These are the kind of psychic abilities that are used primarily to get information that can only be gained through ESP. They can be divided into three types:

1) Time-line Intuition. (To do with the past and future)
2) Space or distance Intuition. (To do with space and distance)
3) General or sensual Intuition.
(To do with the regular senses)

Note that it is possible for any psychic ability overlap between the different types.  

Take, for example, Remote Viewing (The ability to view information over unseen distances): by definition, this is a psychic ability that is specifically sensitive to distance, but it is also usually perceived by those who are sensually-sensitive to the mode of “vision”, ie. they can “see” information which may be at an impossible distance, rather than, say, “hear” the information. 

A psychic could be using both an ability to project their power across vast distances, and also an ability to perceive such information visually.

1) Time-Line Intuition

These are psychic abilities which have to do with sensing past or future happenings.
Events throughout time are theorized to be imprinted all around us as “energy”, and it is this which psychics can pick up on through their ESP.

The ability to tune into the dimension of time in such a way as to receive information about future events. This has been known to happen in different ways, for example, through dreams, visions, feelings and instincts.

Retrocognition – The ability to connect to the dimension of time in such a way as to receive information about past events. The knowledge received cannot have been obtained by the person by regular means. Instead, it is usually experienced through dreams, visions, feelings or instinct.

2) Space-Dimension Intuition

These are psychic abilities that have to do with sensing information at a distance. They are used essentially as a way to bridge the gap between the psychic person(s) and the obstacle of physical space.

Remote viewing
The ability to perceive information across a barrier of distance, without the use of the normal senses. This ability is usually experienced visually (though not always), so it is sometimes referred to as seeing with “The Third Eye”.

The transfer of information between two living creatures, without the use of conventional communication or normal senses. This typically occurs across the dimension of distance, but not of time. Feelings, thoughts, images, and knowledge have all been known to be transmitted telepathically.

Astral Projection
This is also known as “soul traveling”. It is the ability not just to sense information from the non-physical dimensions, but to consciously project your ‘astral body’ (as opposed your physical body) into these dimensions. This has been done through dreams, meditation, trance-like states, achieved across distance and time, in the physical world, as well as in the non-physical and spiritual realm. People with this ability cannot usually influence or control physical objects while their soul is out of their body.

3) General or Sensual Intuition

These are psychic abilities which relate to being able to psychically (as opposed to physically) see, hear, taste, feel or smell certain things outside of the regular environment.

Such psychics are said to be extra-sensitive in a way regular people aren’t, and so they can pick up on paranormal cues through their ESP, channeled past their regular senses.

Clairvoyance – The general ability to “see” or otherwise sense information that falls outside the scope of the normal senses. This can include the power to gain knowledge across time and distance.

There are many different types of clairvoyance, named according to what traditional physical sense they relate to.  These are explored below:

Second Sight
The ability get information in the form of visions, without the use of regular vision or other senses. This can include visions of the past, present and future.

The ability to receive information by the mode of hearing, which isn’t related to any physical sounds in the environment. It is also the ability to pick up sounds from nonphysical dimensions which can’t be perceived by the regular sense of hearing.

The ability to get psychic information primarily through the use of touch and physical sensation. The information is not available through the regular sense of touch, but can be transmitted/triggered to those with this ability by physical sensations or movements. It can also include emotional sensations.

A psychic ability that focuses on the physical manipulation of objects, as a way to gain information which can’t be obtained through the regular sense of touch. This is done through the perception and interpretation of the nonphysical energies which are believed to surround physical objects. 

The ability to receive information psychically through smell, often without there being any physical scents detectable by the regular sense of smell. It also includes a sensitivity to smells that allows the person with the psychic ability to pick up on energy and information in this way.

The ability to get information from the non-physical realm by the way of taste. This can be done without actually physically tasting anything, and can happen spontaneously.

The ability to both relay and channel information from the non-physical realm through linguistic means. Often the information will come to someone who possesses this psychic power in the form of metaphors and symbolic language. Speech itself, and not necessarily the thoughts of an individual, is being used as a channel between the psychic realm and the physical world.

This ability is also known as ‘automatic writing’. This is the sensitivity to receive information from other dimensions, expressed in the form of writing. A person with this ability can feel “taken over” by a force or energy that drives them to write messages without their conscious awareness or input. This can happen both when awake or in a trance state.

The ability to use the entire body, but specifically the voice, as an active channel between the spiritual realm and the physical world. A person with this ability can either train themselves to allow this to happen consciously, or might only be able to let their body be used as a ‘vessel’ when they are in a subconscious state. It is believed that this power can be used as a means to get information from any form of consciousness or spirit that might exist outside of the physical world, and which the regular senses cannot pick up.

The ability to receive information directly from the non-physical realm in the form of intrinsic, instant knowledge, without any external way the information could have been obtained.


Psychic Abilities Which Can Get You Control

These are psychic abilities that can be used primarily to get control or influence over the physical world, in a way that cannot be achieved by regular means. These are the type of psychic powers which completely harness the abilities of those with ESP – and who, as a result, are then able to get some tangible control over the different realms they are able to experience around them.

This is also known as psychokinesis. This psychic power not only includes the ability to use ESP as a way to connect with the psychic realm, but also to actively influence and control physical objects through nonphysical means. This is believed to be done through the manifestation of nonphysical energy that can be accessed and used by people who possess telekinetic ability.

Telepathy and Psychic Abilities

Tools, tests and techniques have been crafted for centuries of human history which facilitate both the use and development of these abilities. Tarot cards, pendulums, Ouija boards and astrological charts are a few examples of this. You may have heard of many of these already, but we aim to give you a more comprehensive idea of how and why these could help you channel your ESP, so you can develop not only stronger telepathic abilities, but psychic ability in general.

Not everyone is capable of achieving a high degree of psychic ability but there are ways to explore that side of your human potential with the help of others around you, and others who may be particularly gifted.

Like telepathy, psychic ability can be divided into two rough categories, and this is useful to know because it will help you become aware of the kinds of abilities that can personally benefit you the most.

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Am I Psychic?

Can you personally relate to any of the psychic abilities described on this page? If so, you may already be predisposed towards a particular psychic power you never knew you had – or you dismissed as being “just a quirk” of your personality.

There are no hard and fast ways to find out if you are psychic, but there are some pretty big clues that may give it away.

It’s important to remember that every living thing generally already has an intuitive psychic ability, and this comes out from time to time in different ways. For example, what most people refer to as having “gut feelings” can sometimes turn out to be eerily accurate despite not being explainable through conscious, rational means.

But there are those who are particularly naturally talented when it comes to using intuition and sensitivity. If you are one of those people, it is worth doing as much research as you can to figure out if you are an actual Psychic, so that you can make the most of your gift.

There are many people who have been able to make the most of out their psychic abilities once they figured out they had them in the first place.

Fully-aware psychics can not only enjoy the feeling of helping other people but get to experience fulfillment because they know that they are on the right path to reaching their full potential.

So, are you psychic?

The following are common experiences to people who have a heightened psychic ability or ESP:

• Having daydreams or visualizations which sometimes feel out of your conscious control

• Feeling a special connection with pets and other animals which makes it easy for you to communicate and understand them better.

• Being good at guessing information about other people which turns out to be true, but which you were not explicitly told.

• Noticing an ability to often predict future events accurately, either from intuition or through dreams.

• Having a feeling of connection with someone who has passed away, and noticing their presence in ways that are unlikely to be coincidences.

• Being able to see a halo of color around people (ie. being able to see auras)

• Having exceptionally accurate and strong “gut feelings” about new people or places.

• Often seeing movement out of the corner of your eye, or even images which quickly disappear when focused on.

• Often waking up and being able to sense, hear, smell, or otherwise visually see lingering images which disappear when fully awake.

• Feeling the persistent, inexplicable presence of someone or something you can’t see.

• Being uncannily good at “sensing” when someone in the room is staring at you.

• Having the experience of suddenly knowing information without knowing how you acquired it.

• Having the experience of acting a certain way without knowing why (eg. having the impulse to make your bed for no apparent reason, but then being glad you did because of an unexpected visitor).

• Having the experience of saying something without knowing why, and without being able to explain yourself adequately.

• Hearing voices, either audibly or in your head.

• Seeing things, picking up scents, or otherwise feeling sensations which do not seem to be apparently caused by anything in your environment.

• Having strange feelings in your body that are difficult to explain, such as tingling, electricity, heaviness, numbness, floatiness, lightness.

• Having very strong reactions to the feelings of others, especially the pain and suffering of those around you.

• Constantly being told you “think too much” or that you are “too sensitive”.

• Having an unexplainable empathy for non-living things.

• Feeling immediately familiar and comfortable in places you’ve never been to before. 

• A tendency for objects around you to be disturbed or otherwise malfunction when you are having strong emotions, such as your computer freezing when you are angry.

• Seeing faces in inanimate objects much more easily and more often than normal.

• Feeling “taken over” sometimes when doing something creative, such as writing poems or music. Later, not being able to explain how you came up with your ideas and feeling like you were only channeling them from somewhere else. E.g, as if the characters in your novel wrote themselves, or as if you were only helping to uncover a painting that was already ‘there’ fully formed on the canvas.

• Simply knowing, without explanation, when your loved ones have been hurt or are in danger.

• Frequently experiencing dissociation.

• Having dreams which later turned out to have more meaning than you realized at first.

• Being often told that you are good at ‘reading’ other people.

• Being told that you have good instincts.

• Being good at playing games like Poker, Charades, Pictionary and coin tosses. (The lottery!)


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