Dec 22, 2016

Sacral Chakra – The Orange Chakra

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is located just below and in front of the belly button. It represents a lot of things, which can be best summarized as the senses, pleasure, and sexuality, similar to the root chakra. The reason it’s located close to the stomach and the belly button is because that’s one of the area’s we associate the senses with, particularly the sense of taste. We also associate pleasure with food. Belly buttons and stomachs are also considered a sexual symbol in many cultures. The belly is associated with sex because that’s the area where a new life forms after sex.


Color and symbol

The sacral chakra is colored orange, and it makes sense why. The color itself is associated with being mellow and relaxed, so the sacral chakra being a orange chakra makes perfect sense. One thing which few people are aware of is that the color orange is associated with sex. It’s hard to find the exact reasons why.

Much like the root chakra, the sacral chakra has a symbol akin to that of a flower. Specifically, it’s a lotus with 6 petals. There’s also a crescent moon inside. It represents the idea that our bodies are in tide with the moon.



The original name in Sanskrit is Svadhishthana. Interestingly, the word svadhishth, when translated to modern language, means “tasty” or “tasteful”.

The sacral chakra is the focus of meditation and yoga. But more importantly, it’s a common focus in cleansnig. It’s said to represent the chakra through which energy is primarily released. It’s where toxins and blockages are removed because it’s the chakra representing pleasure.

Even more – the sacral chakra represents creativity. It’s said to be the area where a lot of your creative energy comes from. Focusing on your sacral chakra while doing guided meditation or yoga can help improve your creativity.


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