Send us your story

Send us your story!

Want to have your voice be heard? You can share your experiences with telepathy by emailing us. We post all stories on the Stories page.

It’s a chance for you to contribute to the community and help people by giving your perspective.

Here are the guidelines for the story that you should follow:

1. The story or experience is related to telepathy, psychic communication, clairvoyance, precognition, or any similar phenomena.

2. The story must be coherent, readable, and interesting.

3. The story can even as short as a few sentences, but please try to keep it below 300 words. If you have a longer story to tell, then contact us anyway and we can work something out!

4. Provide a name/username, or we will display it by default as Anonymous. Please also add a title to the story, or we will add one.

5. In the subject line or body of the email, please make it clear that this is a story you want to send to be published.

Clear about the guidelines? Contact us here to share your story!




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