What A Spiritual Awakening Really Is And How You Can Achieve It

Spiritual awakening

You might’ve heard this phrase before: “I achieved a spiritual awakening”. A person saying this is clearly euphoric, and they’re experiencing something unique. But what exactly is a spiritual awakening? If you ask them about it, they’ll find it hard to explain.

The thing about a spiritual awakening is that it’s very real; there are heightened states of consciousness that people can achieve. But the term “spiritual awakening” itself is pretty vague, and people can’t explain it clearly either.

We’re going to explain what spiritual awakening really is and how (or whether?) you can get to that heightened state of enlightment.

Spiritual enlightenment

A Religious Experience?

The idea of a “spiritual awakening” or spiritual enlightenment originated in religion, where they’re formally referred to as revelations. This includes real encounters with God and/or contact with higher beings such as angels.

Christianity and Buddhism both have central ideas of enlightenment and contact with God. In the Bible, Moses achieves contact with God while he’s at the top of Mount Sinai. God then gives him the Ten Commandments. Buddha, originally named Siddharth Gautama, formed his religion after achieving a spiritual awakening about the world.

The idea of enlightenment has been present in religions for a long time. However, the word today has started to deviate from religion. Spirituality is considered separate from religion, and the idea of spiritual awakenings are generally considered philosophical, rather than religious.

Spiritual ascension

Out-Of-Body Experiences

The best way to describe modern spiritual awakening is that it’s triggered through an out-of-body experience, shortened as OBE. An OBE is when you’re experiencing the world from “outside” your body. That is, you’re looking in from the outside. It’s a feeling of being detached from your body. An intentional OBE is known as an astral projection.

OBEs extend one’s experience to beyond the physical realm and towards the metaphysical realm. Several people have described having an OBE, either through astral projection, near-death experiences, lucid dreaming, sensory deprivation, and dissociation.

Scientific Explanations

Can instances of spiritual awakening be explained by science? In many cases, yes. Neuroscientific research shows that people in near-death experiences induce a “disturbed bodily multisensory integration”. This is when their senses are so overloaded that they start dissociating, which gives the appearance of a spiritual out-of-body experience.

Astral projection and lucid dreaming have, at times, been explained as heightened states of emotion that create a perception of enlightenment. However, this doesn’t discount the real spiritual awakening that people have experienced. Also, as spiritual metaphysics suggests, just because something is “induced” or “perceived” doesn’t necessarily make it any less true. Positive spiritual awakenings can absolutely be achieved.

So How Do You Achieve Spiritual Awakening?

The truth is, there is no easy answer for this. Enlightenment means different things to different people. And everyone has different capacities for enlightenment. But you can strive to achieve your own enlightenment, which will be different from the next person’s.

It helps to think about spiritual awakening as a never-ending journey. You’re constantly trying to learn new things about your body and your mind. There is no “end-goal”. You can set different goals, and each one will help you improve and bring you a step closer to enlightenment.

Explore Your Chakras

Using your chakras is the only real way to achieve spiritual awakening. The body’s energy is governed by the 7 center points, known as chakras. Realizing your chakras and transferring energy between them will put you in touch with the metaphysical world. Read on for more:

Heart Chakra – The Green Chakra

Crown Chakra – The Violet Chakra

Throat Chakra – The Blue Chakra

Third Eye Chakra – The Indigo Chakra

Signs of spiritual awakening

The Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

There are some common signs and symptoms that people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening have. If you’re noticing at least a few of those signs, then you’re likely experiencing an awakening! The signs are as follows:

1. You feel different

This is the most basic sign that everyone who is having an enlightenment must feel. You have to actually feel different, physically and mentally. This is a positive feeling, though sometimes people can also feel overwhelmed and out-of-place. This happens because your body has been used to lower states of consciousness for so long, that enlightenment feels new and unfamiliar. You might also have the sensation of being in a different place; such as being on a different planet or a different area. When your mind is awakened, you feel different. Very different.

2. You change your values and beliefs

We’re constantly changing and tweaking our values and beliefs, especially in our younger years. In the event of a spiritual enlightenment, that process is accelerated. You achieve a heightened and robust belief system. This belief system is about metaphysical questions, such as the human mind, connection, and the afterlife. At the height of a spiritual awakening, you’ll have formed definitive beliefs about life. This consists of, of course, different sets of beliefs for different people.

3. You become less materialistic

This is one of the most common changes in the belief system that occur. When you’re trapped in a mental prison, you’re much more likely to seek pleasure and compensation through material things such as money, products, and food. They help to fill emotional and mental gaps. One of the defining signs of a spiritual awakening is that you’re free from materialism, and you derive pleasure and peace from more spiritual and human aspects of life.

4. You have disrupted sleep patterns

Other symptoms don’t sound as appealing, but they’re part of the process. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, with cold feet and cold hands. This is your body adapting to the changed mind. You become more energized as you’ve tapped into the physical energies of your body. As a result, you’ll feel more awake and restless than usual. Don’t worry – this is only a temporary symptom and it goes away after a week or so.

5. You become more introspective

This relates to sign 2 and 3, but with some slight differences. You start looking at things in terms of how they affect you. For example, if the sun is shining on your face, you think about how it warms your body and enriches it with Vitamin D. You might even visualize the vitamins entering the pores of your skin. This is a quality associated with enlightened people; they become more creative and intelligent.

Spiritual Awakening Courses

There are several courses that can guide you through the spiritual awakening process. The hottest one right now is known as the Spiritual Awakening Course by Abthir. It consists of detailed exercises that allow you to open up your chakras, open your third eye, see aura, connect with nature, and ground yourself in meditation. It’s an instant digital download. Click on the banner below to learn more about it.


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