Dec 22, 2016

How Spiritual Metaphysics Helps Explain The World Around Us

Spiritual metaphysics

The branch of metaphysics, known as spiritual metaphysics, is about analyzing and explaining the spiritual and non-“physical” experiences that people have. This includes all kinds of phenomena that are perceived beyond the five senses, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP, precognition, etc. Spiritual metaphysics is not an exact science, as it’s still in its nascent stages, but it is vastly interesting.

Metaphysics has always been concerned with the most basic questions about life: what is there, and why is it there? There’s a strong emphasis on the mind and one’s own perception of the world. In the modern school of thought, the world is said to exist within the mind. If you don’t see the wall behind you, then it’s not there. This idea has been touched on in Quantum mechanics; the famous Schrodinger’s cat whose existence depends on whether you’re looking at it.

These are some of the most common questions that spiritual metaphysics deals with.

1. Am I real?
2. Is the world real?
3. What exists in the world?
4. What makes something real?
5. Does the world exist only in my mind?
6. Does it exist outside of my mind?
7. How do we communicate?
8. What can we do?

When people connect with their chakras or they have an out-of-body experience, they’ve touched the senses beyond sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. In spiritual metaphysics, there exist several other senses. These senses are used to see through the third eye, communicate telepathically, and achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Third eye

Many people already experience those things without realizing it. We’re conditioned to live life only through the five senses, when there are actually many more senses at play. Here is a description of how many senses we’ve found to have. Currently, the number could be as high as 21.

Spiritual metaphysics is about studying your body and your mind. It starts with simple meditation and energy healing. It’s a good idea to connect with other people figure out your energies and communication. Exploring your spirituality is the best way to learn about it.

These are the universally-recognized areas that spiritual metaphysics concerns itself with:



The human mind is creative, powerful, and mysterious. Psychology seeks to understand the human mind: why it functions the way it does. In metaphysics, the human mind is the most important and “real” asset in the world. The emotions that a person experiences have a strong role in determining how their brain functions. Metaphysical spirituality considers emotions to be energies; the emotions that you experience can directly be linked to physical energies within parts of your body. This is not a new concept; science has always known about the connection between the body and the mind.



Believe it or not, technology has a strong connection to the metaphysical and spiritual world. We’ve been able to detect energies within people that couldn’t be explained by science. Here is an article on synthetic telepathy, which is a type of telepathy that’s facilitated through technology. This is not to say that spirituality originates from technology; not at all. Spirituality has existed for thousands of years. Technology is simply a vessel for realizing metaphysical realities that we can’t normally detect through our five senses.



Religion and spirituality are very connected. In fact, the idea of spirituality originated from religion. Religions have always touched the metaphysical world – be it through the concept of souls, different realms, or gods. Nowadays, it’s common for people to make a distinction between being spiritual and being religious. This is because religion has become associated with a lot of dogma and indoctrination. With spirituality, you’re more free to think the way you want and feel the way you want.


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