Real Telepathy Stories

Here you can read real accounts of people that have experienced telepathy and similar phenomena, sent in to us by our readers. Our aim through this page is to share accurate telepathic experiences with other people, and show that telepathy can be real.

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Dreaming of an election

I had a dream where I think my friend’s girlfriend telepathically communicated to me. I don’t really talk to her or know that much about her, so it was really weird how I had this dream. In the dream, me and her were in her home country, and there were a bunch of other people there too. It was a large gathering, and we had just voted in a presidential election and were waiting for the next president to be announced.

Later on that same day when I talked to my friend, and I told her about the dream, she told me that her girlfriend had on that very same day talked about voting in the election! And she had suggested that we should vote in the election, which is exactly what I had dreamed out.

– Sent in by Jake B.

Saved by Telepathy

For a long time I’ve felt like my grandma communicates to me. She died a few years ago, and I sometimes have dreams about her where she tells me something, and then what she tells me happens to be true in real life. For example, one night I dreamt of her telling me to be careful on the road today and be wary of cars. Later in the day, when I was going to school, and I was crossing the road, my grandmother’s message immediately flashed in my head. As soon as it did, I looked to my right and saw two speeding and almost silent vehicles coming towards my way. I quickly stopped walking and backed away safely. If I hadn’t been thinking about her message, I might not have noticed those speeding vehicles that could’ve hit me.

Sent in by Veronica

A Misinterpreted Precognition

I want to share a story that my mother told me when I was younger. I think it’s a great example of the power of precognition through dreams, and how our openness to such phenomena can either lead to insight or ignorance.

It began when my mother was still in university and had not yet met my father. She had a best friend at the time, a woman, who used to tell her everything. This best friend desperately wanted to find a husband and to have kids – she wanted twins – and would often talk about this to my mother. My mother didn’t want to have any kids herself, but she promised that she would help with babysitting the woman’s kids.

One day she told my mother that she had had a dream where she saw my mother holding two little babies, one with dark hair and one with blond hair. She was excited, and thought this dream was a vision which meant she was gonna have twins soon, and that my mother was gonna be babysitting for her kids sooner than expected.

Soon after this conversation, the friend went away traveling for a year, during which time my mother met my father and they end up getting married. My mother was so busy with her life that she didn’t have time to keep in touch with that friend very much. She got pregnant and gave birth to twin boys, me and my brother. When I was born my hair was fairly light, so I looked blond. My brother’s hair was dark.

When my mother’s friend came back, she was upset about this and furious with my mother for what she believed to be a stolen destiny, but which seems more to me like a case of misinterpreting a precognitive dream.

She and my mother didn’t talk to each other again after that, which is sad because she probably had a high level of psychic power and it would have been useful to keep a friend like that. I tell this story to people when they don’t understand what I mean by psychic experiences, and I’ve been told by many that these are not uncommon occurrences.

– Sent in by Jason S.


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