Telepathy Definition

Telepathy Definition

How do you define telepathy?

Telepathy, in its simplest terms, is defined as the communication of information done through the mind without the use of the known senses. It remains a mysterious and debated idea, within both skeptics and believers. Though it has been talked about for centuries, a more specific telepathy definition is yet to be formulated. This is because it’s based on experiences, anecdotes, and anomalies, and the science on it is still hazy.

So which of the senses cannot explain telepathy? Well, there are the five traditional senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Telepathic communication occurs beyond these senses. There are some additional senses that include nociception, thermoception, proprioception, equiblibrioception, and mechanoreception. All of these senses relate to a person’s detection of different phenomena such as pain, temperature, balance, position, etc. It is possible that people who experience telepathic connections make use of a sense that has not yet been discovered and isn’t utilized by most people.

One such sense is called extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as the sixth sense. ESP is hypothesized to be the ability to transfer information outside of the recognized senses. It’s used to explain telepathy and other phenomena like clairvoyance (precognition). The standard telepathy definition can be formulated as follows: telepathy is the transfer of information through ESP.

Telepathy is often used interchangeably with ‘mental telepathy’. Though there are various different types of telepathy, mental telepathy is the one most referred to. So if someone is talking about telepathy, you can assume that they mean mental telepathy.

But rather than focusing on a definition, it’s better to explore telepathy in a bigger picture. This is because it encompasses vastly different experiences and ideas. It’s important to explore its history, its different types, and the science behind it.


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