Telepathy Exercises to Try with a Partner

Telepathy exercises

When you’re practicing telepathy exercises with a partner, it’s best to pick someone who you have a close bond with. This not only helps you with having a supportive voice around, but also makes them more likely to be someone with whom you share a mental connection with.

With telepathy, there are two roles: the sender and the receiver. One of them sends a telepathic message and the other one receives it. The following are steps you can take as the sender to perform telepathy exercises. You can also switch this so that you are the receiver and your partner is the sender.

Step 1

Take deep breaths to calm yourself and sit in a relaxed position. The receiver should also do this.

Step 2

Start with something simple. Close your eyes and visualize a number, a shape, or a picture. Try to form and hold that image in your mind.

Step 3

Visualize a channel of energy between the minds of you and your receiver.

Step 4

With the image still clear in your mind, push out the image through the channel of energy towards the receiver.

Step 5

Ask the receiver to describe the image they have received, if any. Initially, they may only receive certain parts of attributes of the image, instead of the whole image.

Step 6

Once you’ve mastered this simple transmission of an image, move on to telepathically sending more complex things such as videos, ideas, and streams of thought to your receiver.

Didn’t work? No need to feel down; many people who try it out at first can’t send telepathic messages. The key is to be persistent and practice these six steps. It takes a while to realize your untapped telepathic potential. Besides telepathy exercises, there are also unique tips that you can follow outside of these steps to improve your telepathy. Find them on the article here.


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