Types of Telepathy

Types of Telepathy

There are various forms of telepathic connection. Here we will discuss the 3 major types of telepathy. There are some other types of telepathy, such as latent telepathy, spiritual telepathy, and emotional telepathy. We don’t really considered them as a separate “type” of telepathy because they all can fall under the following three categories.

Instinctual telepathy

Instinctual telepathy is the most basic form of telepathy – it’s based on emotion and feelings. Its subsets include animal telepathy and telepathy in love. Instinctual telepathy is when one senses the feelings or needs of someone nearby through a mental connection. It utilizes the area around the solar plexus, which is the center of emotion and instinct. Instinctual telepathy is a common form of communication in indigenous cultures and is something that we often indirectly experience with our loved ones and people we have a strong emotional bond with.

Animal telepathy is the use of telepathic communication with animals. Animals are more likely to use this because their communication relies more on instincts, gut feelings, and cues, rather than speech. However, humans also commonly utilize love telepathy. This is the special bond that you share with a lover where you can know how the other is feeling without them telling you or visually showing you.

Mental telepathy

This is what most people think of when they talk about telepathy. Mental telepathy is the direct transference of communication from one mind to another. While most humans and animals possess instinctual telepathy, mental telepathy requires practice to achieve. It can be “unlocked” through utilizing the third eye which opens the mind up to beyond the five senses.

The third eye is the center of telepathy and clairvoyance. It is connected to the human pineal gland and allows perception beyond the ordinary realm. Philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes called the pineal gland the “principal seat of the soul”.

The main difference between mental telepathy and instinctual telepathy is that mental telepathy is deliberate, while instinctual telepathy happens naturally and often unknowingly to the parties involved.

Dream telepathy

Dream telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone or to receive telepathic transmission while dreaming. An example of this is if you have a dream about your mother being depressed and attempting to overdose on anti-depressants, which in fact is happening in real life. This is a telepathic communication you receive by having insight into your mother’s mind.

Dream telepathy has received significant support from scientific consensus, with a study in Maimonides Medical Center conducting an experiment where subjects were monitored through their sleep and then awakened. They were then separated, and asked to describe if they were able to communicate telepathically with the other subject in their dreams. Some of the results pointed to the existence of dream telepathy. Notable psychologists like Sigmund Freud have also cited their support for the possibility of dream telepathy.

More types of telepathy

There are other, small sub-categories for telepathy that usually fall under the above 3. These are distinct and worth talking about. Here are some other types of telepathy:


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