Feb 9, 2017

5 Essential Wiccan Supplies You Need To Practice Witchcraft

Essential Wiccan Supplies

If you’re just starting out with Wicca, then there is a world of knowledge waiting for you. You need to learn about the basic principles of Wiccan belief and its common practices. You also need to get the right Wiccan supplies for practicing magick.

The most basic principle in Wicca is known as the Wiccan Rede. It states: “If you harm none, do what you will”. This is supplemented by the threefold rule, which states that whatever you do will come back to you threefold. Therefore, practicing harmful magick will come back to you eventually. Practicing spells to benefit yourself, or others, will build good karma for you.

Practicing witchcraft in your everyday life is an important part of the journey to becoming a witch. Follow the threefold law when doing everything, so that it builds up good karma for you. A misconception is that practicing Wicca is all about performing exquisite spells. That’s a big part of it, but there is another part: meditation. Meditation is a great way to integrate Wicca into your life. It builds connection to your spiritual self, improves your creative freedom, and brings you closer to nature.

Witchcraft supplies build up your atmosphere and act as an outlet to release energy. These are 5 essential Wiccan supplies that you must have:

Witchcraft supplies

1. Candles

Candles are the most important item needed for practicing witchcraft. You can do multiple things with it – set the mood, fill your room with a scent, help with your meditation, and practice spells. Practicing witches keep at least a dozen candles in their house at all times. There are many, many different candles that you can use. They vary by color, scent, and material. The unique thing about Wiccan candles is that they’re designed according to the phases of the moon, in order to be effective. They’re an essential accessory for performing candle magick.

2. Oils

Magick oils are the foundation of witchcraft and rituals. They can be applied to candles to give them extra fuel for burning. Scented oils set the mood and energy of the area. Similar to candles, magick oils are also made on the best days of the week to correspond to good luck and energy. There are different types of oils, such as ritual oils, deity oils, essential oils, and aromatherapy oils. Each of them have a different purpose, according to their name. Read on further to learn how to use these oils.

3. Incense

Incense is another scent-based Wiccan supply which changes the atmosphere of a room. It’s used commonly in religious traditions, particularly Hinduism. To Wiccans, incense represents the element of air. Burning incense creates a magical atmosphere that allows energy to flow easily. It’s used for spells, rituals, and meditation. As a practicing witch, you can use incense alongside with candles, for aroma mixing.

4. Herbs & Teas

Herbs and teas are a must have for any witch’s kitchen. This is what you can consider “the modern form of making potions”. Brewing a tea is an age-old tradition in the Wiccan lifestyle. It gives more meaning and health to your life. Herbs contain essential nutrients that replenish your system. They’re also very enjoyable to drink. Herbs are regarded as magickal, because they come from the Earth. They retain the enormous power of the ground, and they get their medicinal properties from it. Here is a simple herbal tea recipe for you to try.

5. Athame

An athame is a black-handled blade that represents a knife or a dagger. It’s used in Wiccan rituals as a tool for various purposes. For example, it’s used to carve out a circle in sand. It’s also used to cut open herbs, and to direct energy. Most use of the athame is not physical; it’s rather a tool for directing energy in a ritual.

The athame represents the element of fire. The other four elemental tools of Wicca are the wand, the chalice, and the pentacle. Each represent air, water, and the earth, respectively. Witchcraft has a long-standing relationship with nature; Wiccan experts are known to be in tune with all four elements.

Other Cool Wiccan Supplies


Wands have been used by witches to conjure up energy and perform spells. They’re a common tool in the witch’s handbox, and they faciliate in channeling a Wiccan’s energy. You can use wands to help with performing spells, though it’s not necessary.

Dream Pillows

Dream pillows help you to engage with your subconscious mind during dreaming. They contain special herbs and scents that can help with sleep, rest, marital bliss, dream visualization, and reduce nightmares.


Wiccan necklaces that contain gemstones and pendants are popular in witchcraft circles. Jewelry is a way for a Wiccan to distinguish themselves, and develop a distinct style and lifestyle.


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